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What Qualities and Characteristics do Successful Realtors Possess?

When looking for a professional to assist you with the situations that we face with everyday life, what qualities and characteristics should that individual demonstrate when conducting his or her business? How do you wish to be treated as a consumer?
Successful realtors have many traits in common; as a group they are sincere,   proactive, forthright, and have developed people skills that exhibit compassion and patience.  Without these character traits, the level of success they might achieve for you would be minimal at best.
A realtor who is sincere has a responsibility to inform, as well as advise his client or customer in such a way so as to deliver the best possible outcome. Sometimes this requires persuading the client or customer to change their thinking or rationale.
 A proactive realtor evaluates every situation, paying attention to each set of circumstances. Subsequently, he or she will perform all necessary tasks to assure the process comes together with a minimum of delay or interruption. Anticipating and negotiating roadblocks along the way can make the difference between closing on a contract, and having a contract fall apart.
In real estate you either have a name or you don’t. Successful realtors are forthright with their clients and customers on every occasion, no exceptions. If you have entrusted the sale of your property to a professional, you would expect them to share with you everything you must do to put your property in the best possible condition for a sale. When a client or customer asks for advice, you want a realtor who will provide information which is in the best interest of that client or customer.
Selling or purchasing property is a big decision for most of us. Anxiety, emotions, and facing the unknown can make for a tense situation. Successful realtors understand the environment and work diligently to reduce the likelihood of their client or customer experiencing unnecessary tension or stress. Successful realtors show compassion when an unfortunate situation develops. Having someone willing to listen and then provide you with advice, can often help you develop alternative solutions.  
Patience is the ability to multi-task on a continuing basis while staying focused. During the life of a real estate contract many individuals will contribute their expertise, and many situations will ebb and flow. Successful realtors know the key to closing real estate contracts is making all the pieces of the puzzle fit.
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